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Foundation Course


Do you want to reduce stress and overwhelm?  

Do you want better health?

Do you want more energy and time?

Do you want to stop feeling guilty and switch off?

Do you want a more balanced life?


Does this sound like you?

You are passionate about teaching and education. You give so much of yourself and you love your job and the kids but feel powerless to improve the situation. You feel unsupported and have no one to turn to. You have tried everything under the sun to improve your wellbeing but seem to end up with even more on your ‘to-do’ list.

If only you could eliminate that ‘Sunday night feeling’ and feel enthusiastic about the upcoming week. If only you didn’t feel as if you were chasing your tail all the time. You’re fed up of counting down the days or even the hours until the next holiday because you hate wishing your life away. 

If only you could get back the enthusiasm for life you had when you started teaching. You feel guilty about taking time off sick and putting extra pressure on your colleagues. Maybe you take medication just to help you get through the day.

You feel guilty about not spending more time with your family or you feel guilty when you're not working. You feel like an imposter and are afraid to ask for help in case you get ‘found out’. You’re constantly striving to be perfect or avoid criticism and it’s burning you out.

How would you like instead…

...to have your workload feel lighter. 

When you get home in the evening you are able to enjoy time with your family without guilt. You are able to leave work behind emotionally and mentally as well as physically. 

You are no longer counting down the days because you are enjoying every single day.

You face challenges head on instead of trying to avoid or suppress them or wishing things were different. You use them as opportunities for growth and learning.

You take time out for yourself without feeling guilty. You are an inspiration to those around you. They are always asking what your secret is because you always look so well and happy!

You have the power to change your life but you do have to take action – no one else can do it for you!

If you carry on as you are you will continue to feel tired all the time. This will impact on your health and could lead to having to take time off work. In turn this will put extra pressure on your colleagues and potentially lead to more serious long-term health problems.

So what is the answer?

Work with me for 5 weeks and learn strategies that 

will leave you feeling better in days...

...what they never teach you in Teacher or Leadership Training or on any INSET day

I am Helen Pengelly and I have been there...

In 2002 I was an NQT going through a messy divorce. I had 3 young sons and serious health problems. I was running around putting everyone else’s needs before my own.

I felt like a fraud. I was trying to be perfect and was afraid to ask for help in case I was ‘found out.’ I was bullied and my confidence was at rock bottom. I was worried what would happen if I was seen not to be coping.

I was diagnosed with coeliac disease in. My energy levels were the lowest they had been in my life. I was dangerously anaemic and I weighed about 7 stone. I looked anorexic.

I almost had a breakdown but I had to keep going for the sake of my children. At my review at the end my NQT year my headteacher praised me for my tenacity and said many people would have given up for far less!

I gave up full time teaching after 3 years when my request to reduce my hours was turned down. I signed up with a supply agency for a while then opened a business. In 2008 I lost a lot of money due to the crash in the financial markets. I closed the business in 2010 and had to sell my house to pay off my debts. I went back to work as a supply teacher and this time my experience of teaching was very different.

The life lessons I learned on the way though have made me a stronger and better person. In 2006 I went to a workshop where I came across meditation. When I woke up the next morning to the usual chaos and noise in a household with 3 boys I felt calm like I never had before. I knew I needed more of this in my life! 

This was the beginning of a new journey which still continues. I have invested  thousands of pounds on personal development coaching, training, courses and retreats that have taken me all over the world to places as diverse as India, Swaziland and San Diego!

Then it occurred to me: ‘Why on earth hadn’t I learned this when I was doing my teacher training?’

As a supply teacher I have worked in over 50 schools with all ages from Early Years to Sixth Form as well as in PRUs and with EBD. I saw what was really going on in schools! I knew I wanted to help teachers. I wanted to transform our education system and help school leaders create Conscious Schools where everyone – pupils and staff alike – could become the best version of themselves so I trained as a leadership coach.

In 2014 I started to spread the word in schools. I ran workshops, I gave talks and presentations at TeachMeets to raise awareness about the benefits of mindfulness and the importance of taking care of teachers’ wellbeing. Hardly anyone else was doing it at the time. It was frustrating because I felt as if I was waiting for the world, in particular the education system, to catch up.

I received amazing feedback from my workshops and presentations. I could see schools were wasting so much money on supply cover – because I was one of them! More teachers were going off sick, for longer and with more serious conditions. Many experienced teachers were leaving and it was difficult to recruit new ones.

It’s not rocket science:-

Happy Teachers means Happy Pupils!

I attended many conferences about coaching and wellbeing in education where my premise was confirmed by solid evidence. Where schools put people ahead of results their results improved. One school received an outstanding OFSTED report and in another not a single teacher resigned that year.

Over the last couple of years there has been a bit of an explosion of ‘wellbeing’ in education. Many schools are only paying lip service to ‘wellbeing’ as they jump on the bandwagon. Most are still trying to solve problems with old ways of thinking because that’s the only way they know how. 

If the teachers don’t have enough experience they could actually negatively impact those they are working with. This has created a minefield for schools because they are spending precious resources on courses, trainings etc. that could potentially be making the situation worse. And in many cases it is. Teachers already struggling with their workloads are being made ‘wellbeing coordinators’ and writing ‘wellbeing policies’ without really knowing what they are doing and without proper support. It’s like the blind leading the blind! They are only dealing with the tip of the iceberg instead of getting to the root of the problem.

Teachers are leaving in droves or taking long term sick leave. More and more pressure is being put on pupils and teachers to improve results so these ‘policies’ are not really having any positive impact.

Introducing: The Conscious Teacher Programme

Although I mostly work with headteachers I get many teachers who want to work with me too. After all Conscious Schools need Conscious Teachers! My mission is to grow our network of Conscious Schools because together we are stronger and can be a force for change in our crumbling education system. When we have more teachers leading with their hearts instead of their heads the world around us will change.
This programme is so much more than a 5-week course - it is a community too. We are all connected and all our actions affect everyone else. This programme is just the beginning of a lifelong journey.

I know what you're thinking - how will I fit all this in around everything I am doing already?

Being a conscious teacher isn't about 'doing' anything extra. It's about changing the way you approach life. It will save you time, energy and money. You will:

  • eliminate stress, guilt and overwhelm
  • feel more energised
  • sleep better
  • have better health
  • regain a life balance

What you will learn in The Conscious Teacher Programme:

1. How to stay positive and calm when you’re having a tough day and feeling overwhelmed

2. How to switch off when you get home from work and quieten your busy brain

3. How to take the pressure off yourself and to stop trying to be perfect

4. How to deal with ‘difficult’ people – colleagues, pupils, parents, family members etc.

5. How to respond creatively in tricky situations 

And much much more!


Now for the 6 million dollar question - how much will all this cost? 

Well not 6 million dollars, that's for sure but it is worth so much more! Good health is priceless.

Today the Conscious Teacher Programme is only £47

Really? Why so cheap? Well I know that you probably haven't ever invested in coaching or personal development before so this is a chance to try it out. I also know that once you have begun this journey you probably will want to go deeper and will need my help with that. 

We are also offering a massive discount for schools because the programme will be more effective if you are doing it together. For schools the price for up to 20 participants is only £349

Schools' Bonus

A complimentary one-hour coaching session worth £250 for the headteacher to assist you in helping your staff put the training into practice. 

This will give you and your school a tailored strategy for implementing what you learn on the course.

Pay here with PayPal or if you prefer to be invoiced then email us on enquiries@happyteachers.co.uk

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